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Join Logan Sadler, the Senior Vice President and Chief Investment Officer of Ruggieri Financial, for helpful money tips, financial education and to get an advisor's perspective on the ever-changing retirement planning landscape. From short clips to thoughtful discussion, we'll tackle a wide variety of topics on The Financial Beat.

What is the "Backdoor" Roth IRA?

On today’s episode, we’re going to discuss the value of a “backdoor” Roth IRA for high-income earners who are not eligible for regular Roth IRAs. A lot of higher-income earners use this workaround and yes it’s completely legal and a great concept! One of the biggest fears of pre-retirees is future higher tax brackets and a Roth IRA protects against that if you are eligible. But, what can you do if you aren’t eligible for a Roth IRA? By contributing directly to a traditional IRA, you can become eligible to convert it to a Roth IRA at ordinary income tax rates. Now the growth is 100% tax-free. Of course, we always recommend discussing these strategies with a professional and customizing a plan that works best for your future.

What is your Risk Tolerance Level?

What is your risk tolerance level and how is it impacting your portfolio? On today's episode, we're going to break down what risk in your retirement plan means and the importance it has on your financial future. Almost all investments come with some sort of risk, it's about finding the right balance for your situation. Risk isn't a bad thing. Some people take a lot of risk and win big, others don't. It's all about being smart. When we start working with clients we evaluate the types of risk and how much people are willing to put on the line when it comes to building their wealth.

The Different Types of Annuities

On today's episode, we'll break down the different types of annuities available to you and how they may fit into your retirement plan. There is a lot of confusion out there about annuities. That's likely because different annuities have different bells and whistles that fit into a plan in a unique way. An immediate annuity is a one lump-sum contribution and can be used as a guaranteed source of income. On the other hand, a fixed annuity is a type of insurance tool that protects against losses and offers a fixed rate of return. Join us today as we break down these annuity types and more!

Misconceptions & Myths About Social Security

On today’s episode, we’re going to break down some common misconceptions about Social Security. While Social Security might not be your whole retirement plan, it’s probably a significant piece of it. As you enter retirement, you’ll want a strategic plan on how you’ll take Social Security and the role it plays in your income plan. You may assume the Social Security office will help you pick the best option, but this isn’t necessarily true. They’ll help you through the process, but they aren’t qualified financial advisors that will know which option best fits your needs. Some people assume Social Security isn't taxed or is going broke. But there are more to these statements than you may realize. Join us today as we explain these common myths and more when it comes to Social Security.

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