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Join Logan Sadler, the Senior Vice President and Chief Investment Officer of Ruggieri Financial, for helpful money tips, financial education and to get an advisor's perspective on the ever-changing retirement planning landscape. From short clips to thoughtful discussion, we'll tackle a wide variety of topics on The Financial Beat.

The 5 Pillars of Retirement

What major steps do you need to take financially before you retire? Your financial roadmap should cover income planning, investment planning, tax planning, health care planning, and legacy or estate planning. In this video, we'll break down these pillars and see how each impacts your financial future.

Evaluating Risk in Your Financial Plan

What is your risk tolerance? How do we ensure your portfolio reflects that? When volatility hits the market a lot of investors get worried. If this happens and you are approaching retirement or already in retirement, you may be wondering if you'll be okay.

The Impacts of Inflation on Your Retirement Plan

An income plan is the cornerstone of your financial future. You need enough money to cover the expenses of your lifestyle, but what do you do with the extra money left over? The growth of that money needs to protect you from inflation.

The Three Tax Brackets in Retirement Planning

Many retirement accounts have different tax implications and some may catch you off guard once you are actually in retirement. It's important to discuss tax diversification with your financial advisor. In this video, Logan explains the difference between taxable accounts, tax-deferred accounts, and tax-free accounts.

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