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Join Logan Sadler, the Senior Vice President and Chief Investment Officer of Ruggieri Financial, for helpful money tips, financial education and to get an advisor's perspective on the ever-changing retirement planning landscape. From short clips to thoughtful discussion, we'll tackle a wide variety of topics on The Financial Beat.

Should You Pay Off Your House Before Retirement?

On today’s episode, we’re going to be discussing what is probably one of your biggest assets, your home. When planning for retirement there are various things you need to consider whether you own one home or various properties. Should you pay the house off before retirement? What should you do if you still owe a significant amount on your loan and it’s a high-interest rate? Is downsizing or relocating necessary? We’ll break down these questions and more in this video. 

The Most Important Birthdays in Retirement Planning

We don't always look forward to our next birthday, but there are some important ages that we need to pay attention to in retirement planning. There are certain age milestones that you should really focus on to your retirement planning progress. On this episode, we’ll look at the most important birthdays as you approach retirement and cover the exact things you should be checking off your to-do list at each age.

Retirement Planning: Where Do You Stand? (Part 1)

We are diving into the first video in a three-part series addressing where you may be in the various stages of retirement planning. People usually have no idea if they can retire, think retirement may be a possibility or are confident in their retirement plans. In part one, we will be addressing the people that don’t know if they will be able to retire. We will walk through the first questions you need to answer before retirement planning and brainstorm what your goal retirement would look like.

Retirement Planning: Where Do You Stand? (Part 2)

Are you someone that ‘thinks’ they have enough to retire? If so, this video is for you. In part 2 of my “Where Do You Stand” series, we will be breaking down the key points you should pay attention to if you are hoping to retire soon, like preparing an actual retirement plan and knowing exactly where you retirement income is going to come from. 

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