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Join Logan Sadler, the Senior Vice President and Chief Investment Officer of Ruggieri Financial, for helpful money tips, financial education and to get an advisor's perspective on the ever-changing retirement planning landscape. From short clips to thoughtful discussion, we'll tackle a wide variety of topics on The Financial Beat.

The 3 Key Ages of Social Security 

Are you curious about how Social Security fits into your retirement puzzle? For many, Social Security makes up the largest portion of guaranteed retirement income. Therefore, you want to make sure you're using it correctly and taking it at the right time. Stay tuned as Logan discusses the 3 key ages that you need to be aware of when it comes to Social Security. He'll cover important considerations for each of these milestones and discuss the impact of waiting to claim at each age. 

Analyzing Market Returns and Their Impact 

Curious about the role of market returns in shaping your retirement success? Join us in this insightful video where Logan explores various market scenarios that can influence your retirement plans. We'll delve into the potential outcomes during both thriving and challenging market conditions to show the necessity of considering various market outcomes while building a solid retirement strategy. 

The Shocking Impact of Ignoring Inflation

We spend a lot of time on this channel talking about how to build out a proper plan with well-structured strategies. One misstep in the planning process could cause a huge headache down the road. When you're building your retirement plan, accounting for inflation is pivotal. Using a client's portfolio as an example, Logan will show the potentially dramatic impact of overlooking this crucial step in the retirement planning process. 

4 Questions to Ask Before Retiring 

Are you nearing retirement and looking to ensure a smooth transition into your golden years? In this video, Logan shares the four essential questions you should be asking yourself before retiring. From income planning to tax considerations and inflation protection, we'll break down some key factors that can impact your retirement journey in this video. Don't miss you on these valuable insights that could shape your retirement strategy for the btter!

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