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Financial Planning For Retirement

One of our satisfied clients who recently retired said it best: “Everyone can tell you what you need to do while you’re working to save for retirement, but no one is there to tell you what to do with your 401(k) or pension distribution once you’re ready to retire!” At Ruggieri Financial, we specialize in helping our clients do exactly that: plan for the distribution of life savings in the most tax-advantaged way possible while growing your retirement savings with the mindset to protect your future – everything you have worked for, saved for, and plan to enjoy.

IRA/401(k) Rollovers

We are specialists in IRA/401(k) and retirement plan rollovers. The tax implications and consequences of making a mistake could be disastrous. The IRS has very specific rules and time restrictions for IRA Rollovers, distributions before age 59 1/2, and inherited IRAs.

Estate Planning

Total financial planning for retirement must include estate planning. Do you have a plan in place to avoid the expensive and lengthy process of probate for your heirs? Did you know California is one of the two most expensive states for probate? Experts estimate that average probate costs (Executor/Attorney fees) today for a California estate of $400,000 could easily exceed $14,000. We work with accredited tax professionals who will help you keep your money and assets – which you have worked your entire life to earn – in your family where it belongs, instead of the hands of Uncle Sam.

Tax Planning

Retirees face very different tax planning needs than when they were working. You should work with an advisory firm that understands how taxable income, interest, dividends, capital gains, etc, can negatively impact you due to taxes on Social Security income as well as income taxes.

Long-Term Care Planning

We will also assess the need for protection in the event of poor health, nursing home, or assisted living. Our primary concern is focused on protecting you and loved ones from financial tragedy in the event of a catastrophic illness.

Please call us if you have any questions about our firm or the range of financial products and services we provide. As an independent advisory firm, we work with only the nation’s most respected, trusted, and highly rated financial companies.

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